General description

Luis's words Naganthropic Anarchive is a public art installation for human-non-humans of all ages situated at the Gammelgaard Arts and Culture Centre. As a micro-geoengineering work, it will be a medicinal garden and semi-autonomous, solar-powered water harvesting plant. This will nurture the biodiversity of the adjacent pond and wetland, while providing free ‘memory water’ to … Fortsätt läsa General description

Installing the Anarchive

27.05.19 - 31.05.19 Week 5 Denmark - Herlev Time to start realize all of the ideas that up till now only existed on paper, in 3D modeling programs and physical models. Now the building in scale 1:1 will begin. Here are some pictures from the building process of the green house, the wooden decks and … Fortsätt läsa Installing the Anarchive